How to create a campaign
of B2B emailing?

Wrongly accused of belonging to a bygone era, emailing is far from having given up the soul to the detriment of social networks or blogging. Even if these represent key elements of any effective inbound marketing strategy, it must be stressed that email is still a current medium. Moreover, a BtoB emailing campaign is nearly 40 times more effective than Facebook or Twitter in converting new leads. Indeed, email puts you in direct contact with your customers as well as with your prospects if you know how to run a B2B emailing campaign. There are many substantial benefits to a company. So how do you implement such an initiative to achieve your goals?

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The positive points of BtoB emailing

If you want to implement an effective sales strategy, using B2B prospecting emails will be of immense benefit to you. These are among the most effective marketing tools and allow you to optimize the traffic of your site, offering your sales team the possibility to directly reach a wider range of qualified prospects. With an emailing campaign, you will be able to enjoy a great selectivity, get more flexibility, be able to personalize better. Emailing is also less expensive and most of the time quick to initiate. Nevertheless, in emailing, it is important to avoid sending unwanted emails in order to maximize the performance of the prospecting emails you send.

Email in B2B: a powerful tool for converting your leads into customers

In B2B, the decision-maker nowadays does most of the thinking about a purchase alone. Where 90% of B2B decision makers do not follow up on a sales call, 66% will initiate their purchase consideration from a search engine. It is therefore important to understand that the decision-maker no longer wishes to be sold offers and prefers to be accompanied in his or her buying process.

It is at this stage that the emailing takes all its reason to exist. Emailing is therefore the channel that allows you to send your prospects content that has great added value and answers the questions that come to mind during their buying journey. With emailing, you will be able to lead your prospects in the purchase process and convert them quickly. This is the role of emailing.

An opportunity to build loyalty

Another particularity of B2B emailing lies in customer loyalty. With emailing, seize the opportunity to maintain contact with your customers while improving their user experience in the same context. It can also serve as an interesting tool to maximize your sales.

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Guide to setting up a B2B email campaign

You can’t just set up an email campaign any old way. As mentioned above, you will have to be careful with some traps, especially not to fall into spamming. So here is the process to follow to make your campaign successful.

Setting your goals

The first step of your emailing is to know what you are looking for. Think as much as possible about what you want to get out of your email campaign. Do you want a conversion of more or less active leads that can follow you for many years? Do you want to build a community focused on a key topic related to your field of activity? Do you just want to generate a pipeline of inbound leads that will be qualified and processed in commercial form? Obviously, with these objectives, you will be able to determine your target, the mode of emailing campaign you will send, the content and form of your emails, as well as the parameters for measuring the success of your marketing campaign.

Your targets should feel like real people

Today, the B2B emailing market is becoming more and more crowded. Thus, the concept itself must evolve. Indeed, the number of unread emails has drastically increased over a period of 4 years, reaching almost 300%. In similar conditions, the major challenge remains a singular approach per email. The latter will increase the chances of your emails not ending up in a  »Promotions » graveyard. For this, the personalization of email and the development of a lasting relationship with customers who are now perceived as individuals is becoming a real trend. While it’s important to collect data, be aware that your leads that you want to convert should not look like mere numbers on a file.

Choosing the right email marketing software or platform

The mistake not to make would be to send an email or mass emails from your email box. Important thing to know: to carry out a marketing campaign by emailing, it will be necessary to use an appropriate software. Among the SaaS software dedicated to sending email campaigns, we find the services offered by Pure360 and InfusionSoft. In any case, an adapted tool will allow you a better management where professionalism and precision are combined on the long term.

Make a list of emails that fit with your strategy

The B2B database is an indispensable tool that makes sense of everything. So take the time to build a clean and healthy email list for a proper marketing method. This will mean not purchasing a pre-designed base. This step should not be omitted, because you need to find out as much as possible about your customers and prospects to better target them later on. Everyone is constantly inundated with marketing emails, and only those that catch the eye will be considered and therefore read. So don’t hesitate to send an automatic welcome email each time a new prospect joins your list. Be sure to find out where they are coming from and what their interests are via your email. Finally, do a frequent cleanup of your database to get rid of addresses that have never followed up on your emails over an extended period of time.

Take care of the appearance of your emails

Most email marketing software offers you formats that accommodate various types of views. Make sure the whole thing is visually appealing to drive action. Even if your text is very attractive, most of your recipients will not read your email if they are used to closing emails for reasons related to the not very neat design. Also, call-to-actions in B2B will be popular and your illustrations must improve the way your email is presented. The contrasts of the colors used will be chosen with care, as they represent the main essence of the readability of your email campaigns.

Consider the likely handicaps of the audience you have

Recipients with disabilities have a set of rules regarding the web content made available to them. You must apply them, because it is a healthy action. Also, it may happen that potential future clients are targeted by certain difficulties. As a tangible example, you can arrange for each image to be followed by an  »alt text ». This action allows recipients with visual impairments not to feel left out.

Be brief and readable

Your B2B sales prospecting method must therefore be very refined in order to eliminate all unnecessary words in your email. However, make sure that the sentence structure makes for pleasant reading. Your B2B marketing strategy will be more effective if you stay in the spirit of synthesis and in turn, your potential customers will take you more seriously and be called to action.

You must demonstrate compliance with applicable laws

It is important to show good faith and respect the rules that apply to a B2B email campaign. This is especially true when it comes to providing the option to unsubscribe from your site. Do not hesitate to use, for example, a site that provides useful and easy-to-understand summaries of the rules that vary from country to country, an excellent guide.

Be able to find a striking object

The first contact your recipients will have with the email will be through the subject line. It is therefore necessary to know how to leave the too classical framework of the « newsletter of the month ». So turn to a more authentic message that will increase the chances of the email being opened. Today, knowing how to place an emoticon in the subject line of an email is even acceptable if you do it without exaggeration. For this, be not only brief, but also precise in your message. Ask yourself what interest the recipient will derive from your email. Also, it would be interesting to vary some of the terms in your object. Why not personalize your object by specifying the name of each recipient or by opting for various synonyms? Many possibilities are available to you for the creation of the object of an impactful emailing campaign

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Cold calling 2.0: a prospecting strategy via email

Cold emailing or calling 2.0 is an email marketing technique. It is part of digital prospecting plans to generate new leads. This method translates into « cold email », a contact without any previous contact interaction. Here, you send an email to a prospect with whom no virtual or physical contact had been made. This technique is particularly dedicated to B2B. The goal here is to be able to get a response message from the recipient to break the ice.

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Inbound marketing strategies suitable for BtoB

It is important to be able to demonstrate professional skills and seriousness on digital channels. Expertise and transparency are at the heart of an inbound B2B marketing strategy. For this, creating a blog or a site is essential. The latter plays a crucial role in SEO. So find the right keywords to optimize your articles on your sites. Another method in inbound marketing is to share your expertise in many forms. This can include white papers, e-books, webinars and more.

All this makes you generate leads and integrates the SEO of your site. The implementation of inbound marketing requires a good emailing software like Hubspot and its marketing automation. You can use it to automate customer support processes. Inbound marketing governs the internet, and comes into play for all activities. Finally, the integration of social networks in your inbound marketing methodology is becoming crucial nowadays for emailing. The buyer should be able to approach you directly instead of being approached by your company’s advertising. This is the real goal of inbound marketing.

Business owners face many challenges every day, from aligning sales on their site, SEO and B2B marketing, to effectively implementing their company’s digital transformation, new consumer uses and behaviors, and more. Fortunately, among the available marketing automation tools, Hubspot stands out. The latter allows you to create a single customer file, putting an end to tons of Excel files that nobody really understands except the owner.

With Hubspot’s CRM, for example, you can centralize all your data. This centralization takes into account the marketing team, the sales team or the after-sales service, and others. In all cases, Hubspot brings together all the tools and processes that work to capture, process, and analyze the desires and expectations of customers and prospects with the goal of building loyalty and meeting their needs. The most interesting thing is that the tool allows you to grant different rights to users so that their confidential data is protected. In addition, Hubspot offers easy marketing automation, accurately segments your contacts and integrates a CRM with powerful sales automation tools. You can also fully manage all your social networks, do your emailing campaign, etc.

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Marketing automation according to Magileads

MagiLeads’ automation solution allows you to easily create automated scenarios to send personalized messages to your leads.

With automation, you know exactly how prospects interact with your content. You collect information about their behavior. This way, you can better qualify your leads.

Finally, with the lead scoring feature, you can automate the transmission of hot leads to sales teams to initiate a first sales contact at the right time.

Email marketing is always a channel of choice in commercial prospecting. But, to remain effective, it is now necessary to gain in finesse in the creation of sequences, the content of messages and the analysis of results. Adopting an email automation solution like Magileads will help you optimize your campaigns.

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They use our email marketing tool

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