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Copywriting: how to create words that persuade consumers?

Every entrepreneur has his own way of convincing a customer to buy. Everyone regularly publishes content that demonstrates their qualifications and sales experiences. However, their level of success is not the same. If one does better than the other, it is because he uses words that persuade and make you want to buy. This is what marketers call « copywriting ». This is a huge topic, but the important points to bring value to your texts will be mentioned below.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is one of the marketing strategies that aim to generate conversions and sales. Among other things, it is a content creation strategy that persuades customers to perform some action. More specifically, the entrepreneur must ensure that the published texts lead his audience to buy a product or service.

An entrepreneur with a website should know at least the basics of copywriting. Or, he will have to hire a professional to write his content, called a « copywriter ». The latter must be able to write all types of content such as e-mails, blogs, catalogs … Whether the entrepreneur likes to sell or change the world, targeted copywriting can be a powerful lever.

Identify your target audience

The first rule of copywriting is to identify your target audience. Indeed, we must not try to please everyone. The best thing is to please a number of people who are really interested in its offer. Thus, inspiration will come directly during the writing as soon as the profile of his ideal client is well determined.

For this, the writer must keep in mind the profile of his target audience each time he writes a word for his article. In this case, he must use language that this target can understand and approve. The writer must also be able to show in his text that he understands the point of view of his reader. Above all, we must help him solve his problems. In short, there must be a deep connection between the potential client and the writer.

Treat and target the title

The first sentence of an article is always the « title ». The latter’s role is to encourage the reader to read the next sentence, then the next sentence, and so on. In this case, the writer must provide an impactful title to give a desire to continue reading the entire article.

Bob Bly, a marketer, created a formula called the  » 4U formula » for writing effective headlines.

  • Useful: The title should expose an advantage to the reader.
  • Urgency: The reader must feel an urgency to read the text.
  • Unique: show the reader that the article announces a new thing.
  • Ultra-specific: make the reader believe that the article is intended for him.

However, a title does not necessarily have to contain all these criteria at the same time. The main thing is that it engenders the curiosity of the reader. Here are some examples of impactful headline beginnings for an article:

· « How to … » ;

· « The top 10 … » ;

· « The steps of a … effective »;

· « The secrets of » …

Talk about a specific problem

In the article, it is necessary to clearly describe a problem that the reader may encounter and give the appropriate solutions. At the same time, you have to introduce your service into this solution and justify why you should choose this service over another.

To be effective in writing, you have to use the language of the reader. How does the latter describe his problems? How does he react to it? What is their sore point? To have the answers to his questions, it is possible to browse competing websites. Then, look at readers’ comments on forums and articles that deal with the same theme.

Speak briefly and clearly

Writing is made to express and not to impress. That said, avoid using complicated words in your article. Indeed, the objective is to establish a link with the reader instead of displaying his literary performances. It is necessary to always write briefly and clearly so that the message is well understood by its audience.

Often, it’s the first simple word that comes to mind that works best to convince your audience. The writer must then write naturally. For this, he will have to read from time to time in order to enrich his vocabulary.

In short, for effective and understandable writing, it is necessary to:

  • avoid jargons and clichés;
  • be clear and concise;
  • connect your paragraphs with logical connectors and start a new one with each new idea;
  • Write in an active voice and be direct.

The secret to good writing is brevity. It is therefore not worth using still speeches and long sentences. It is enough to make an essay with useful words that have a meaning.

Improve your sales text

In a newsroom, we must not focus on the characteristics of a product, but on the benefits it brings. To persuade, it is paramount to focus on how important the product or service may be to the reader. The latter must see himself using the product presented before he buys it.

As in the title, the reader must be reminded of the rarity of the product and how urgent it is to buy it. Then, it is essential to prove its qualities with the help of the opinions of those who have already used it. This is because it increases brand credibility and improves consumer trust.

Moreover, it is necessary to talk in his text about the different objections that the reader might have. Then, anticipate his decision by offering him a solid guarantee to the product. This can remove the doubts and probable reluctance of the customer that arise before his purchase. The prospect will then have peace of mind knowing that if the product does not suit him, he can ask for a refund later. Thus, a relationship of trust will be automatically created between the customer and the brand.

To conclude, copywriting is a good methodology for selling your products. However, success depends on how a company uses it. In any case, the basic principles of drafting have already been stated above. It is then appropriate for the drafters to apply them wisely.

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