augmentez votre taux de conversion grace a la psychologie du consommateur

Increase your conversion rate with consumer psychology

When you launch a new product, you have to carve out a place for yourself in a market, sometimes already saturated. In particular, you need to convert prospects to turn them into sustainable customers. Your results depend on how people react to your ads.

For this, you need to take the time to study the psychology of your consumers. It is a question of understanding the logic of their reasoning. This strategy will help you make your first sales. If you know how the customer thinks and thinks, you will be able to carry out your marketing campaign.

However, persuading your target core requires careful consideration. You can find marketing opportunities at the crossroads of two branches: human psychology and organizational goals.

Trigger purchasing decisions more effectively

Marketing psychology, or consumer psychology, is a tool developed by companies to anticipate consumer behavior. It allows us to understand how people feel about the proposal of a product or service, and how they reason. By using it during your campaigns, you impact the thoughts and emotions of your targets. This is how marketers are able to trigger purchasing decisions more effectively.

As soon as you understand the mechanisms of its decision-making, you will be able to adapt your offers to its needs. Your commercial policy must be focused on customer satisfaction to strengthen your proximity to them.

Use psychology to influence your customers

You don’t have to be a fine psychologist to be able to elicit an emotional reaction in your potential customers. Anyone can do it with a little practice. It is enough to understand the way people reason and then to be able to explain their different behaviors. You need to ask yourself relevant questions such as:

– How much do you understand the psychology of your prospects?

– What are the characteristics of your ideal customer?

– What are the emotional levers that motivate their purchasing decisions?

The answers to these questions will help you turn your marketing project into a successful marketing campaign.

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Some strategies in marketing psychology

Encourage impulse purchases

We’ve all regretted races we did on a whim. Note that this last-minute purchase is not the result of chance, but of a well-honed psychological manipulation . Sellers present their products in a way that encourages impulse purchases.

This trick as old as the world is widely used. Stores intentionally arouse our desire to buy by presenting us with irresistible offers. As our brain is constantly looking for the best way to satisfy our needs, we are fooled every time.

This marketing psychology trick is one of the most formidable you can use. Start by explaining to your prospect that they have a problem to solve. Afterwards, you need to convince him that your product is the best solution to his problem. Show them that your offer is exceptional. Then, insist on the urgency for him to take advantage of it.

Work on your picture marketing

Confucius was right to say that « a picture is worth a thousand words. » The human brain is more sensitive to the meaning of images than to words. We interpret a photo much faster than a text. The reason is simple. Our survival instinct forces us to quickly analyze what surrounds us to anticipate dangers. You can exploit this natural reflex during your marketing campaigns.

Since we live in a visual world, the use of adapted images will help you capture the attention of your prospects or convey a strong message. From a marketing perspective, an image is more engaging and interactive than plain text. A well-crafted photo will boost your conversion rate on social networks.

For this you must master the power of the image. You can, for example, publish content snacks. These are irresistible and fast to consume content , based on photos or videos that convey a strong message. Take the time to choose your visuals to be sure to succeed in your picture marketing.

Use the power of color

Color psychology can be harnessed in digital marketing to stimulate consumer interest. They condition the way we perceive the world around us. Indeed, each color symbolizes specific values in our unconscious. We associate some colors with fantasy, others with trust, love, even sensuality.

Widely used in the branding and marketing industry, colors influence our reactions and make us feel emotions. Some energize us while others soothe us. They define our visual identity, give coherence to our publications and, to some extent, convey our brand values.

Harness the power of words

Words help us communicate our thoughts. They also verbalize our emotions. Well-worded words can open doors for us. They are able to move us or make us react in one way or another. This skill, called « copywritng« , requires specific techniques and a certain amount of empathy.

Marketing experts understand the power of words on our emotions. According to them, there is a group of words that have a strong impact on us: these are the powerful words. A marketing strategy called « elevator pitch » consists of synthesizing an advertising message through three powerful words to make prospects react.

The power of the word « yes »

The word  » yes » is among the most powerful words. It is not only pleasant to hear, but also induces positive thoughts and a sense of tuneability. It acts as a green light that we give to affirm our willingness to open the door to new opportunities. For example, in the phrase « yes , I’ll try, » the word  » yes » is an option without necessarily confirming your claim.

Getting people to say  » yes » to small things encourages them to let go and overcome prejudices. This triggers a virtuous circle that increases your chances of successfully converting them. Many companies use this strategy to capture their social media audience, gain their trust , and convert them.

They harness the power of yes on our psyche. Many sales are made inside sales funnels , a conversion process aimed at transforming a cold prospect into an active customer. The marker creates a path marked by a series of small agreements that gradually open the door to a sale.


The best advice you need to remember is to stay human when addressing your customers. Looking beyond the technical is the foundation for successful marketing . Marketing psychology is one of the tools that will help you act humanely with your customers.

Combining your marketing psychology strategies with other branches of marketing will maximize your chances of success. This will help you adopt multiple angles of attack and test other approaches.

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